Honbu dojo (Izrael) 2013-2014 időbeosztása

Honbu dojo (Izrael) 2013-2014 időbeosztása


Karate Do International Renmei

With collaboration

International Budo Academy

Honbu Dojo


Training Program 2013 – 2014

42nd. Year of Karate Do International Renmei


24 – 29 September 2013

Sec Tember & Congress of IBSSA



24 October 2013

Special training at Karate Do Haifa

with Kancho & Shihan Shmulik


17-21 October 2013

Special IBA seminar



7-10 November 2013

Special IBA Seminar



26 November 2013

Grading for Juniors & Seniors

Honbu Dojo, Israel


12 November 2013

White Belts Special Clinic with Kancho

Honbu Dojo, Israel


15 November 2013


Honbu Dojo, Israel


December 2013

Special Children’s Hanukah Gashuku + Grading

Honbu Dojo, Israel



28 December 2013

White Belts Special Clinic with Kancho

Honbu Dojo, Israel


1 January 2014

Special Dai Nippon Butokukai Tai Kai „Kagami Biraki”

with our Bujinkan friends

Honbu Dojo, Israel


15 January 2014

Special Randory Clinic

For all coloured belts and Yudansha

Honbu Dojo, Israel


25 January 2014

Green, Purple and Blue Belts Special Clinic with Kancho

Honbu Dojo, Israel


4 February 2014


Honbu Dojo, Israel


5- 16 February 2014

South Africa annual Gashuku

South Africa


26 February – 2 March 2014

Promotion Course + 100 Randory

Honbu Dojo, Israel


11 – 12 April 2014

Traditional, 24 Hours Gashuku

Shoham, Israel


14- 22 April 2014

Special Childrens Pessach Gashuku + Grading

Honbu Dojo, Israel

Special outdoor Spring training of “Pessach”



May 2014

15th. International Karate Do Cup

Shoham, Israel


23 -25 May 2014

Special IBA Seminar



12 June 2014

Special Night Trial of Yudansha

Honbu Dojo, Israel



28 June – 6 July 2014

AAU Nationals



13 – 18 July 2014

Traditional, International Beach Gashuku

Tel Aviv, Israel



7 – 11 August 2014

Special International Gashuku

Traditional training camp

Kibbutz Gashuku

With special guest:

Nishime, Shihan of Yamanni Ryu Kobudo

The main event of 2014


15 – 24 August 2014

Honbu Dojo on vacation




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During 2013 – 2014 we will run official Instructors and Teachers qualifying programs with cooperation of the

International Budo Academy.

Home Page: http://www.karatedoi.com



We are running on regular basis, Courses in full cooperation with IBSSA

Israeli System of Military self Defense – Krav Maga

Home Page:


If you would like to organize courses, seminars in your country,

Please feel most welcome to contact us.

All traditional Martial Artists welcome to

to join all our activities. Please contact us: rondo03@bezeqint.net